A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Ghost Memories is an exploration game where you will discover the world of ghosts. You play the role of an angel who is sent to limbo to locate the lost and forgotten ghosts, who no longer have memory or direction. Your mission is to recover their memories through little puzzles, and set them free.

This prelude shows the first chapter of the game.

Steam Greenlight


Game design, Programming and Story by Pedro Costa
Music and Audio Production by Tharcísio Vaz

Install instructions

How to play

Use keyboard + mouse

[shift] to RUN
[space] to JUMP
[E] to select/use the object


Ghost Memories Prelude (Windows).zip 95 MB
Ghost Memories Prelude (Mac).zip 97 MB
Ghost Memories Prelude (Linux).zip 105 MB


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I can't unstick my keyboard keys. If I pless one key it will be pressed forever. It's a bug or something. I use Lubuntu 18.04 and firejail. Other games works as expected.

I will test on Linux. Thanks for reporting this bug.